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Avec nos bases , la création d'un parfum est ...

Our bases are developed by our perfumer to make the process easy: each base is a perfume on its own, but you have total freedom to mix all bases as you like


All our components are 100% IFRA meaning that even if they were pure (not in alchol) they would still be safe to use; while all the perfumes should follow the IFRA guidance, very few are following it at 100% pure..


Create your unique formula, save it in your personal space, and you can reorder it in a bottle and with an image/logo of your choice.


Transform your emotions in fragrances, share them with your friends, and if somebody decides to adopt one of your creations, you will receive your deserved reward.

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Du Laboratoire indépendente Flair - Paris
Amelie Bourgeois
Amelie Bourgeois
She remained at Cinquième Sens for seven years, as a perfumer and trainer, and subsequently formed FLAIR, a perfume creation studio, with Martine Denisot. As an independent perfumer, she has now the opportunity to create fragrances, putting her experience, reactivity, attention, and refinement to use.
Anne-Sophie Behaghel
Anne-Sophie Behaghel
After 9 years working as a perfumer and evaluator at Cinquième Sens, she accepted a position in sales at Firmenich and then moved on to become an evaluator at Symrise. Soon, she was reunited with her fellow Cinquième Sens alumna, Amélie Bourgeois. to take part of the FLAIR studio.